Blue Stone Strategy Set to Present at 2015 Indian Gaming Tradeshow

March 25, 2015, Irvine, California – Blue Stone Strategy will participate in the Indian Gaming Conference, scheduled in San Diego, CA, March 30th – April 2nd. Members of the Blue Stone Team will be presenting two informative workshops and will also be available to meet in person to discuss the unique needs and economic development […]

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Blue Stone Strategy Group: Client Success Is Our Success

As seen in Indian Country Today…       By Gale Courey Toensing- What’s a good way to evaluate the job performance of a company that offers tribal governments, businesses and organizations advice on good governance and economic development? The answer is found in the old adage “Nothing succeeds like success,” according to the Blue […]

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Preparing for Prosperity; Modernizing Your Tribal or Organizational Structure

Organizational structure refers to the arrangement of authority, rights and responsibilities of an organization, all of which are directed toward the pursuit and achievement of its goals. It specifies rules, procedures and operations, and determines who the decision makers are. In Indian Country, the examples of governance and organizational structures are as diverse as the […]

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Building A Tribal Legacy; Involve Your Community

Over the last six years Blue Stone Strategy Group has been assisting Tribes throughout the country in their efforts to strike a balance between addressing immediate needs and investing in long-term sustainability. We are all familiar with crisis response mode – dealing with numerous daily issues and putting out fires, so to speak. Strategic planning […]

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NIGA and Blue Stone Create First Guide to Tribal Economic Development


In 1977, after two years of intensive investigative research, the American Indian Policy Review Commission published a massive and groundbreaking two-volume report (Part 1and Part 2) on its findings into every aspect of Federal-Indian relations.

Of the report’s 206 recommendations, 43 dealt with economic development issues. While Indian gaming has given Indian country a tremendous economic boost during the 37 years since the report was published, some tribes still struggle with high unemployment and poverty and the social ills they bring.

Now the National Indian Gaming Association(NIGA) and Blue Stone Strategy Grouphave partnered in an effort to help remedy those struggles. The two organizations have nearly completed the first of its kind authoritative guide to 21st century tribal economic development. It’s called Defining the Next Era in Tribal Economic Development: The Diversification Imperative for Tribal Economic Development. Like its predecessor in 1977, Defining the Next Era involves input from dozens of tribal leaders, but unlike the earlier report, the new guide focuses solely on economic development and blends together theory, specific examples and vignettes from tribes and research from throughout Indian country.

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Self-Governance: A Challenging, But Strategic & Critical Pursuit

“Tribal self-governance is inextricably linked to economy,” says Tribal affairs expert Richard “Dick” Trudell, a Blue Stone Strategy Group Advisory Board Member.

Tribal nations, their governments, and their people are connected in ways that are rooted in tradition, blood, and need. Strong Tribal governments fostering and ensuring healthy communities are crucial to the sustainability of Indian Nations. As sovereign Nations, Tribal governments must continually strike a balance between addressing the immediate needs of their people and making investments toward long-term economic sustainability.

Every generation of Tribal leaders faces a different set of challenges in its mission to effectively self-govern. Developing stronger, more resilient governmental institutions is perhaps the greatest challenge of this generation; It requires insight and focus on the part of leadership. It is common for leaders to be actively involved in managing a number of wide-ranging initiatives. For this reason, prioritizing is paramount.

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Fast Start Work Sessions

1 & 2-Day On Site

Blue Stone Fast Start Strategic Work Sessions are designed for Tribal leaders and decision makers to help identify organizational priorities, challenges and the resources necessary to ensure economic success. We work on site with your leadership to produce an action plan that considers best practices implemented throughout Indian Country.


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